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What is Darkus Thel?

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Miscellaneous Information and Links

This is the page where we will share various web pages and links to info that may be of service to gamers and Darkus Thel KM's alike...enjoy!


Check out these links to various role-playing pages, they have great free stuff and lots of information you can use!


Unclebear, quickly becoming one of THE sources of free role-playing games and information on the net and a very good source of information on science fiction also!


The Great RPG Resource page. one of the most detailed and one of the largest on the net...CHECK IT OUT!


another of the best of free role-playing and RPG info. in general. Has a wonderful list of games and online magazines and RPG publishers websites.


Arms and Armor page, contains some great pics of armor and arms that might inspire you to make some new items and show you what the thelian version might be like.


Campaign Cartographer, THE best mapping software for role-playing games of all genre's, fully featured and well worth the cost...


Irony Games Online, great resources and wonderful online gaming aids.


More will be added as we find them on the web so keep checking back..

Darkus Thel

Monday, June 09, 2003 08:51:54 AM