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What is Darkus Thel?


What is Darkus Thel?

Darkus Thel is a high adventure role playing game that has been enjoyed by gamers in and around Indiana for almost two decades.
The game requires only limited materials to play; a rule book, six-sided dice, a pencil, and paper. The basic rules are also surprisingly simple. On a deeper level, Darkus Thel invites the players to develop and enjoy teamwork, problem solving skills and to use their imaginations.

The original Chronicles of Darkus Thel (Book One) was published by the Sorcerer's Guild in 1986. That book was well received, but had only limited distribution. Book Two is the revised version of Darkus Thel, based on many years of play-testing and refinement. It includes corrections and changes in the original rules, as well as many new additions to the game. There are new professions, new creatures, new treasures and new weapons for the game. Players are urged to obtain a copy of the original Chronicles, as Book One contains numerous illustrations and figures that will help them come to envision the world of Darkus Thel. Included with Book Two is a list that identifies and explains all of the illustrations in Book One.

Darkus Thel is an "audience participation novel" that invites the players and the gamemaster to create stories of high adventure and heroics. It is a world of sword and sorcery, of romance and danger, and of trials and triumph. The game can be played on many levels, ranging from room-by-room challenges to complex story lines, from simple slash-and-hack, to complex questions of philosophy and morality.

Future supplements to the game of Darkus Thel will include an illustrated volume on the denizens, and a volume detailing the world and its peoples.